Educator Testimonial

I've seen so many students who are strong in analytical thinking stop to help a struggling team mate
Resoundingly we agree that this brought out the best in our students … parents were amazed at what their children were able to accomplish
Some built a maze for the robots, while others set up a bowling game. It was so fun to watch the student get excited about learning
One group of students was so passionate that we formed a non-profit organization

Student Testimonial

I've learned a lot since starting this project. Even though coding is hard, I've learned that as long you stick to it, you can achieve anything
It was amazing to experience what scientists have to do almost every single day!

Recent Grants

Middle school: investigating earthquakes in South Carolina
High School: Gene detection through gel electrophoresis
Middle school: Lego robotics kits for PBL
Elementary: STEM lab and maker space
Middle school: investigating watersheds in SE Michigan

Key words from successful applications

A word cloud with common terms from applications. Common terms include: coding, design, build, project, robot, technology, problem, science, design, and build