Sample Applications

These are real applications submitted by BEST Teacher Grant Program grantees in the 2021-22 grant cycle. All applications shared below scored top marks with the reviewers who assessed their applications using the review rubric.

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PROJECT TITLE: Learning to Code Through Game Design

OVERVIEW: A middle school computer science project in which students create, test, and play their very own video games. Students explore both hardware and software elements.

PhillipsAnon_Sample App_Template_22-23.pdf

PROJECT TITLE: Wood Creek Expansion and Sensory Garden

BY: Rosheen Hunter, Farmington Public Schools

OVERVIEW: An elementary school garden expansion project with emphasis on Indigenous growing practices (such as the Three Sisters garden), serving students with disabilities, and the community.

Hunter_Sample App_Template_22-23.pdf

PROJECT TITLE: The Physics of the Pottery Wheel

BY: Katherine Harberg, Charleston County School District

OVERVIEW: A cross-curricular STEAM unit where 5th grade students apply physics concepts learned in their core classroom to creating pottery.

Harberg_Sample App_Template_22-23.pdf