Sample Applications

These are real applications submitted by BEST Teacher Grant Program grantees in the 2020-21 grant cycle. All applications shared below scored top marks with the reviewers who assessed their applications using the review rubric.

Note: the 2021-22 application form includes a new question 6. This means that all the questions from 6 onwards have been renumbered. For example, in the new application form, question 13 is the same as question 12 in the old application form below.

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BY: Ginny Burt & Megan McClain, Anderson School District 2

OVERVIEW: A hands-on unit that infuses US History with STEM activities for early elementary students to increase focus, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and cultural diversity.

50 States of STEM_Sample App.pdf

PROJECT TITLE: Lights, Cards, & Physics

BY: Maria Desbrow, Charleston County School District

OVERVIEW: A high school project for students to design, test, and improve an LED gift card using cardinal principles of physics.

Lights, Cards, Physics_Sample App.pdf

PROJECT TITLE: Saving Earth: One Recipe at a Time

BY: Mary Lowman & Kimberly Ortega, Charleston County School District

OVERVIEW: A semester-long unit for grades 6-12 to learn and practice permaculture resulting in cookbook to be sold for the following year's supply of the school's herbs.

One Recipe at a Time_Sample App (1).pdf

PROJECT TITLE: Improving STEM Career Interest and Academic Performance

BY: Melvin Goodwin & Analyn Haynes, Charleston County School District

OVERVIEW: A middle years project focused on increasing student interest in STEM careers by incorporating hands-on experiences in the various STEM disciplines.

STEM Careers_Sample App (1).pdf