The Bosch Eco+STEM Teacher (BEST) Grant Program advances sustainability and STEM education in ways that inspire, excite, and engage. The program supports innovative inquiry-based learning experiences by awarding grants of up to $2,000 to preschool-grade12 educators. BEST grantees have access to professional learning opportunities and a network of driven and like-minded colleagues.

The BEST Teacher Grant Program currently operates in the following districts:


  • Ann Arbor Public Schools

  • Benton Harbor Area Schools

  • Farmington Public Schools

  • Detroit Public Schools Community District

  • Kentwood Public Schools

  • Lakeshore Public Schools

  • St. Joseph Public Schools


  • Central Noble Community School District

  • East Noble School Corporation

  • West Noble School Corporation

North Carolina

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

South Carolina

  • Anderson School District 1

  • Anderson School District 2

  • Anderson School District 3

  • Anderson School District 4

  • Anderson School District 5

  • Berkeley County School District

  • Charleston County School District

  • Dorchester School District 2

  • Dorchester School District 4

  • Greenville County Schools

The BEST Grant Program follows an annual cycle: applications open at the beginning of the school year and funds are disbursed the following January. Awardees complete their BEST Teacher Grant projects during the rest of the school year, submitting a report to the Bosch Community Fund in by the end of June.

Explore the partnerships and testimonial pages in this section to learn more about the BEST Teacher Grant Program.